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The Old Wool Shop
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Part 8: 2007


New Garage

We stopped for a rest over Xmas, and I ended up buying another old bike. Unfortunately there wasn't really any room for it in the existing garage, which spurred me into starting on the new garage.

The new garage would be built as a lean to on the side of the house and would need to look right with the existing stone work to the front of the house. Initially I considered building the front elevation in dressed stone but this would have been very expensive and I wasn't sure whether my building skills would do justice to the materials. Eventually we decided on a single skin blockwork construction with york stone quoins and archway.

We drew up some plans, go them approved by building control and I made a start.
The first job was setting out and getting a 800mm deep foundation trench dug. I started out doing this by hand but the ground was too compacted so I hired a digger and driver who completed it within a morning. Once filled with a few cubic metres of concrete I was able to start laying the blockwork.

setting out foundation trench first course of blocks

Once the foundations were in I laid a single course of blocks, installed the damp proof course and pured the floor (two more cubic metres of concrete).
laying out the damp proof course floor laid Wolfy assisting
starting the second course nearly half way up rising quickly

The arch was cut by a stone mason in Batley, I just made a former out of wood to support it whilstthe mortar holding it went off. I then built a skin of blocks up the back with a pre-stressed lintel forming an inner course behind the arch.
laying out arch arch installed purlins and roof joists installed

Once the joists were fixed a layer of breathable membrane was installed and fixed by slate batten. I installed two large velux windows and then slated the roof. Once watertight I installed electrics and the electric roller shutter door I'd bought a few months before on Ebay. Once the lights were in I knocked through to the house and installed a fire door for access to the garage.

fixing the joists slates laid, veluxes installed  

August 2007 and it's finally rendered and I've painted it. I've also laid york stone flags round the side of the garage and built a planter from railway sleepers. It's so heavy two people can barely carry it!

That's pretty much it for now, there's some minor internal work to do like the third bathroom but I'll get on with that over winter.

new paved area york stone flags  
painted garage side view of the house view from across the road





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