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The Old Wool Shop
Diary of a renovation
Part 7: September 2006 through to 2007


Kitchen installation

I spent the first half of October preparing for the kitchen fitting, putting in water supplies, waste and electrics. The wall mounted sockets were particlarly difficult as they're mounted in the old tiles, I had to drill up behind the tiles to put the supplies for these in. The kitchen was fitted in late October and by early November we had everything moved in. The kitchen units are a mixture of real oak doors and veneered cabinets. The cost of quality real wood was too much for our budget but we made up for it with substantial granite work surfaces and plenty of stainless steel.

dining table new table new fridge and cooker

Nice big dining table built by Woodwrks from reclaimed wood and we've even got space for a sofa.
sofa preserved original tiles  

Living Room
We finally got the living room sorted out in November with the arrival of two large sofas.

old sofas in the corner by the window wpaino and instruments in the music corner new sofa

There are still plenty of snagging jobs finishing bits of decorating like the metalwork but its all usable and we really appreciate the extra space. The next major jobs are building a new garage, and fitting underfloor heating and a showeroom behind the kitchen but there's no great hurry now...


new sofa fireplace


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